redding comp seater scratching bullets


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Feb 1, 2009
Has anyone had a redding comp seater die scratch bullets? the scratches are only on one side and just in front of the case mouth. I"m seating amax bullets with the vld seating stem. I get marks where the seating stem contacts the bullet as well but not scratches. I cleaned it out with brake cleaner and re lubed lightly, but didn't lube inside where the cartridge contacts the case.

Any thoughts at all? THe scratches aren't deep. Just on the surface. Redding said to send it back for them to polish, but then I'll be out of a die for a while.
Most likely, there is a small burr on the seating cone inside the die. It does need to be polished out. Redding is very quick on repairs and only cost to you is postage.
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