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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
How does eye relief play a factor in using heavy recoiling guns? Knowing that most of you shoot some heavy guns and or pretty stiff recoiling guns, how do you determine how much eye relief you need.
If I'm asking this wrong please correct me, never used scopes much just iron and peep sights to get the job done.
I was taught the old fashion way use what you have and make the best of it.

Teacher, I have a question!
Yes I have been wondering this too. I am shopping for a scope to put on my new 338 Lapua mag with muzzle brake (16 lb gun), what would be the minimal eye relief I would need?
I've shot all kinds of rifles with all kinds of scopes and have never had a problem with getting thumped.

I believe it's a lot to do with technique and misappropriate head position.

I've seen folks get a little too much head tilt when shooting prone and also when shooting at an elevated angle and get thumped pretty good (put a few sutures into one fella).

I mostly use Leupolds.
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