Recap of the URSA NorCal Jan ‘21 event

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Aug 11, 2009
17 Jan 2021 - Recap of the URSA NorCal Jan ‘21 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman; build info, comments, and stats from Oscar)

We had 9 shooters at 2054 yards today and most of them are Calguns regulars. We had a first time shooter Chris come out and he shot my 375 CheyTac. He hit 5/9 and qualified for the 3K match, got an achievement point, and got to shoot two other rifles, a 338 Lapua Ackley Improved and a 510 DTC, both at 2586 yards. I think he left very happy.

We had two shooters qualify for 2586 yards but one ran out of ammo after qualifying (qualified with 6 in 10 at 2054 - and thus also qualified for the 3K) Our match winner (the shooter prepared to engage at 2586) was our very own RickyRacer87. [RR87 also provided the pics and video for the Gallery. Thanks much!]

Skeeter shot a 5 in 7 during qualifications at 2054, getting his first achievement point and qualifying for the 3K. Congrats Skeeter!

A big congrats to RickyRacer87 on his win and Chris on his impressive first time showing. As we where leaving I heard that Chris had placed an order with BillyGoat Machine for a rifle to compete with.

RR87 was shooting 300 gr Hornady A-Tips out of a Billy Goat Machine/BGM-built .338 LM AI (Ackley Improved) with BGM “OVIS” (Defiance Deviant Tactical) action, Bartlein 31.5” barrel, Manners T5A stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 SFP scope, and ERATAC 0-70 MOA adjustable base/rings.

Using Lynn’s rifle and ammo (very generous fellow), Chris (and Lynn) were shooting 377 gr Cutting Edge MTACs out of a Billy Gun Machine/BGM-built .375 CT with Stiller TAC 408 (just recently re-named TAC DRIVER) action, K&P 36” barrel, McMillan HBR stock with barrel block, Nightforce ATARC 7-35x56 FFP scope with Stiller 20 MOA Pic base and Ivey RT-200 MOA adjustable base (max 200 MOA).

Skeeter was shooting 300 gr Berger Elite Hunters out of a Billy Goat Machine/BGM-built 338 LM IMP with BAT HR action, Bartlein 30” barrel, Manners TF1A stock, Premier (remember them) 5-25x50 scope, 20 MOA BAT Pic rail, and ERATAC 0-70 MOA adjustable base/rings.


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