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Oct 28, 2009
Clarkston, WA
Please tell me what I'am doing wrong. My cleaning process is as follows

-Nylon brush with sweets (wait 5 to 10 minutes)
-dry patch
-butch's bore shine
-dry patch
-butchs bore shine
-dry patch
-dry patch

The question is does sweets loose its potentcy. I seem to get more blue copper out with butchs than with the sweets. I have heard this in the past but not from a "competent" source. I have seen this procedure used on 1000 yd hunting guns that consistently shoot 8 inch groups.
What you are doing seems appropriate for shooting between matches.

For leisure or daily shooting I use Wipe Out overnight then dry patches till the blue is gone. Usually two patches. I then run a Sweets down the bore to verify all copper is gone. It usually is.

I then lube the barrel with a very light coating of a PowerUp lube product.

First shot is usually on the spot. Only if I read the wind correctly.:rolleyes:
One pass with the Sweets? If so, you need make however many passes waiting 5 to 10 min each..... however many times it take to see no fouling. One pass will not clean any rifeling I wouldn't think. After about 10 rounds through the 300 RUM, I have to run a Tetra 5 or 6 times to clear out all fouling.

May I suggest what works for me? After your are done with the sweets or Butches, or both, and you are satisfied your barrel is clean. Then go back in with 3 wet patches of Bore Tech Eliminator. Wait 10 minutes and run another wet patch with Bore Tech. This will show you what the others are leaving behind. Finish with 3 wet patches every 10 min. till clean. then a few oiled patches , then a few dry patches, done.

Works for me, and has also made several of my friends switch to Bore Tech.

JMO, take it or leave it..

Try bore tech eliminator! There is nothing corrosive in it and you can leave it in overnight if you want. (only you probably won't have to).......Rich
I haven't found a local source for the BoreTech stuff but I have found Butches to be near worthless, I have also heard Sweets loses its juice after awhile but like you not from someone credible and I haven't tried it.
I haven't found a local source for the BoreTech stuff but I have found Butches to be near worthless, I have also heard Sweets loses its juice after awhile but like you not from someone credible and I haven't tried it.

Sounds like you are already falling apart! LOL

For now I use shooters choice, 2 wet patch, 8 times with bronze fitting, 3 wet patch, dry it out(5-10 patches)

Bore tech elimator will be my next choice after running out of shooters choice.
I've used Hoppe's, Butche's, Montana Xtreme 50 BMG, Montana Xtreme Copper Cream, Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber, Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner, Gunslick Copper Klenz, Bore Tech Eliminator, and Wipeout.

Hoppe's, Gunslick Copper Klenz and Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber are next to worthless. Next comes Butches Bore shine (medium strength amonia). Next comes Montnana Xtreme Copper Cream (mediun amonia abrasive) and then Montana Xtreme 50 BMG (strong amonia). After cleaning with Montana Xtreme 50 BMG and letting it soak for about 30 min and getting a "clean" patch, I applied some Bore Tech Eliminator and let it sit for about 20 min and got a blue patch. BTE is a very good copper remover but if you have stuborn copper, which most do, it takes several long soakings to get it all out with BTE. For relatively quick removal of copper it's the best I've used. For the easiest removal of copper, Wipeout and Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner are the best, but need long soakings of about 8 hours followed by 1 or 2 dry patches. Next on my list to try is KG-1 and KG-12 which are reported to be better than BTE. We' will see.

Back to the OP, what I posted was cleaning down to bare metal. That may not always be necessary or desirable. If you clean down to bare metal you will almost always need some fouling shots. If you leave some copper and carbon you may not need fouling shots or as many.
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I too have tried most of the products mentioned, with the exception of BTE. Right now on my bench, there are at least a dozen products from when I was looking for the Holy Grail of gun cleaning. I haven't tried the BTE because I haven't needed to, although enough people have raved about it, I'm sure it works great. My process now is as follows>
One wet patch of Wipe Out accelerator, followed by one wet patch of Patch Out. This is a slightly stronger version of Wipeout foam, and easier to use. I let this sit about 45 minutes to an hour and a clean patch on a jag to push out. I follow this procedure once more and jag patch out. After this I use Hoppes #9, which in my opinion is still a good product, and wet patch followed by jag. At the end of this, I wet patch again with Hoppes and gently set muzzle down on a clean white sock and let soak. Occassionally I can still get a little more powder fouling out if left overnight. In doing this, I hardly ever brush my bores. Maybe once or twice a year to make sure I'm not missing something or building up a carbon ring. If I do brush, it does take a while to foul them enough to settle back down.

As far as Sweets losing it's strength, not too sure but have an idea that it does. I have a bottle of it that is about two years old and worthless. It does say to store in a cool place, and mine has been in the garage where it does get pretty warm in the summer. May have something to do with it.

Make sure you use a good rod and bore guide. That's probably more important than what product you use to clean.

The Sweets is GREAT STUFF! I use it during matches along with the Butches and my results are verified with a bore scope. The old saying that a test is worth a 1000 expert opinions is very appropriate when it comes to cleaning barrels period end of topic.

Now I use the Butches first on a wet patch, then between 5 and 10 passes with a wet brush applying a little more Butches to the brush helps to flush off fouling as well (not nylon they are too course and soft again bore scope verified they do not work as well) when it exits the bore about halfway through the total number of strokes. This will serve to get any loose fouling so that the Sweets can attack the copper unabated if you will. Follow with a dry patch then a patch with Brake Cleaner to remove the Butches. Then the brush is sprayed clean with Brake Cleaner tapped on the stand to remove the excess so it will dry faster. Then Sweets on a patch– about 2 or 3 slow strokes (I go up and down in 3 or 4 inch increments just like you were scrubbing plus the loose stuff is already gone for the most part. Then take my other Dewey with the brush and add Sweets and stroke about 5 or 6 strokes and let sit for 5 minutes or so. Then dry patch out followed with a wet patch let sit for a few then dry patch. I use another patch with Brake Cleaner to remove any residual then wet patch and leave it in till the next relay where I will just dry patch it out then shoot.

At the end of the day the above process is used except after the Sweets application use Iosso to get ALL of the carbon and copper plus whatever Tiny ring may be forming just forward of the chamber area. I will oil the bore clean and lube the bolt the bolt lugs (Sinclair Tool), clean the brake carefully wipe the crown reattach the brake, scope it then I am done!!
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