Reading the Wind

Tim Behle

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Mar 16, 2002
McNeal, AZ
A few days ago, I set out a new target on my range. I'm now set to shoot at 1,000 yards. The wind has kept me from shooting much, but so far I have been amazed at how much difference the wind makes between 800 and 1,000. Even a light breeze, barely noticeable on my skin moves the bullet as much as two minutes!

I try to take five shot groups when the mirage looks as close as possible to the last shot. But it seems most of groups have 24" of horizontal spread.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Or is this just one of those things where I need to buy a few hundred more bullets and keep shooting until I notice a pattern?

I don't know what caliber your shooting but, it does make a difference as to how fast the bullet is sheading velocity and what BC it has to begin with.

I high BC bullet with a reasonbly high velocity (Normally means a bigger case) will do better in the wind.

Darryl Cassel
I'm shooting a 7mm Remington Mag. with Berger 180 VLD's ( BC .698 ) Moving at 2550 from the muzzle.

I was hoping that there might be some method of counting the waves of mirage in the scope, or some other method. I really don't care to learn to read wind by using flags, as I never hunt on a shooting range and I want to learn to make the first shot count.
Tim I was wondering if you use a chronograph when you are shutting and if so what is the difference in the velocity between shots?
Crow Mag
I normally just use the chrony during load development and then again a few times when the mood strikes. I've used it at least 3 different times with this load ( Probably more, but I only wrote the results down three times ) This load has been real consistent for me at 2550, I've got a SD of 12.75 so far. That's why I only push the bullet so slow. I've pushed it faster, with the same 100 yard accuracy, but the Standard Deviation was a lot greater.

Learning to read the wind too. It can be very difficult.

Regarding your loads, have you tried grouping the faster loads? Even though the SD may be higher, they may still group fine. The higher vel will help with wind drift.

How about looking at a 162gr AMax at 3000fps? If you compare the two bullets, I think you will find the AMax will drift significantly less. Should also make a good long range bullet on deer size game.

Good luck...

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