ranging with the IOR MP8 reticle??


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Sep 25, 2002
Guys,..I didn't receive any ranging information or calculations with my 6-24x50 tactical IOR. What power does she need to be set on in order for the 1/2 mil and 1 mil marks to be accurate? any other ranging powers? I have been clicking to the target but would like to test the holdover points.


The most accurate way to determine what power setting you should be on is to forget what the manufacture says. The power setting may be close, but not dead on.

What I've done in the past is to put a target up at exactly 100 yards with a 3.6" piece of tape in the shape of an L. 1 mil is exactly 3.6" at 100 yards. So now I have a 3.6" horizontal and a 3.6" vertical aiming point. Adjust your cross hairs until you have exactly 1 mil-dot or slash mark if using the MP8 reticle, coving both the vertical and horizontal piece of tape. Then mark your zoom ring with a dot of white or orange paint.

This way you're dead nuts on with no guess work.

Hope it helps.
Jeffs example works great to find Mils! The MP8 in a 6-24 will come real close to MOA tics at 18x but its a little fussy about it.You will have better results if you dial it up to 24 and then back to your scribed indicator marks every time as it will not be the same if dialed up from 6x.
I tryed to set the 100 yard zero to the top tic @ 18x so I would have MOA tics and not have to turn the knobs but once the power was moved I had a hard time getting it zeroed again.Gave up and just set the top tic for 100yard zero @ 24x(all the way up)and figured a drop chart to the tics.
For shootin prairie dogs the fixed 16X works a little easier for this redneck,fewer moveing parts
as long as the yardages are under 1200.
thanks guys. I'll experiment with this rig some more this weekend to see what comes out of it.
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