Mil-Dot or MP8 for ranging


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Oct 8, 2006
Oklahoma City, Ok
Ok I have narrowed it down to 2 scopes a Leupold or an IOR, they are within a couple hundered bucks of each other and granted I'll have to save back a few pennies oh well I'm in no hurry.

My question is which do you feel is easier to range targets with the Mil-Dot or MP8 Dot reticule? I've used the Mil-Dots but that was years ago and will have to for the most part re-learn and I don't have any experience with the MP8.

Please don't offer scope suggestions I'm just looking for which people feel is easier to range targets with if you don't mind. Later,

hi kirk,

by far most easy to range with and more precise is mp8.
because you have hash marks at 1/2 mil vertical adj. or 1/4for horiz adjustment.
i used both methods, but mp8 is the new gen of mildot.
now i own nsx with np-r1 but i wish to have nsx with mp8 reticle in moa or mil.
No, I dont range with my reticle. But I have two IOR's with MP-8 dots. I love the reticle. It is easy acquisition and I was shooting 1171 yards the other day with a 2.5x10 power. I was able to hold a group with this dot at this distamce and only 10 x. I too wish I could get it in a NXS.

I would say the MP8 would be easier....unless the Leupold is FFP as well. But then again maybe the IOR isn't FFP but the FFP would be better for ranging because the reticle will stay constant. SFP will show 2.0 mils at 4x and 8.0 mils at 10x on a SFP.....not exact math but you get the idea. The MP8 w/ dot is slick because the dot is illuminated only and it has nothing touching it so you are not blocked by the reticle.
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