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Does anyone know of any shooting ranges in central Missouri? I am at fort leonardwood and I'm trying to find a place to shoot. Any distance for rifles is fine although a 1000 yard range is preferable. Thanks
Re: Shooting ranges in Central Missouri?

Does anyone know anything about a LR/benchrest range in springfield? Is it worth going? Its 100 miles from where I am located but its the closests that I have found so far.
This is also probably farther than you want to drive from Ft. Wood, but Bench Rest Rile Club is located west of the St. Charles / O'Fallon area along I-70.

Bench Rest Rifle Club

There's also an unattended range at the Lead Mine conservation area, north of Lebanon, but it only goes to 100 yards. You can find more info on MDC's website.
Great info. Thank you. The only issue is that if I were to go to that range it would have to be a weekend trip. The range on post stinks it's a line in the grass with a dirt mound 25 yards away. It's not even challenging for pistols.
I used to shoot at an unattended range out near Warrenton when I lived in STL. I got in the habit of getting there, literally, at first light, which usually gave me the range to myself for at least an hour. I've had muzzles pointed at me, have seen people shooting diagonally across the range, and all sorts of other really, dangerously stupid stuff, so do be careful if you go to the Lead Mine range.
You may have a bit of trouble finding that kind of range on public land. I don't know of any MDC range thats over 100, and if there are it won't be much longer. I always had the fortunate luck of friends with MO river valley farms where you could shoot a mile across flat ground easy. Maybe try to strike up a local farmer with a long bean field, it would be tough to shoot across a corn field right now. Shoot, the farmer might even have some chucks or coyotes that they need gone so more practice for you.
Rolling Hills Rifle and Pistol Club, it's a private club about an hour away from Ft. Leonard Wood. 1200 yard range, rim-fire range, small rifle and pistol ranges. Only been there once but they have a nice set up. They have memberships but if you look at their facebook they have days that are open to the public for a small fee. https://www.facebook.com/rhrpc
If you are at Ft. Leonard Wood, the best long distance range to go to is Big Piney Sportsman's Club near Houston(30 min southeast of post). Their range goes out to 800 and when I was there, they gave you a free membership if you are military. They also have a lot of good matches.
Anyone have an address to big piney? I went to their site but there was no address and when I called no one answered. Thanks.
Thanks gents. Going there on the tenth. I got my membership approved and my card should be coming in the mail Friday. It should be a regular weekend occurance now.
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