range report 168gr Barnes Triple Shock match

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    .300 win mag 26" barrel
    The 100gr BTS shot great in my 25-06 so thought I would try the 168gr in the .300.

    Well these bullets shoot great in my .300 also.
    Loaded some up with IMR 4831 and H 4831.

    Shot 3 100 yard groups with IMR4831:
    .70,.40,.34, groups with velocity at 3380 avg.

    3 100 yard groups with H4831:
    1.42, 1.20, 1.00 with velocity at 3375 avg.

    These were shot at a seating depth of .05 off the lands.
    Be careful if you try to get close to the lands with these bullets as pressure will increase dramatically if you get too close.

    By the way I got my best groups in the 25-06 with the 100gr Barnes Triple Shock with IMR4831 also.