Range Report 16 FSS .270 WSM

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by remingtonman_25_06, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. remingtonman_25_06

    remingtonman_25_06 Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2003
    Hey guys. After my 20 rounds of barrel break in I proceeded to load up some test rounds. My cases are all Winchester and Fed Match Mag was used in all loads. Rifle is a Savage 16 FSS in .270 WSM. Trigger is down to 2.5#. I am NOT very impressed with the results I got. I thought savage was known for there accuracy. Ha ha, should be more like shotgun pattern. It would probly work as my new duck hunting gun. Seriously I think I got a bad one. Here are the loads. With every grain, I seated .05" farther out. Still no sign of a sweet spot anywhere.

    140g SST 140g SST
    71g Magpro 72g Magpro
    2.860" 2.860"
    3200fps 3232fps
    3167fps 3289fps
    3204fps no reading
    4 3/4" 3 shots @100 1 3/4" 3 shots @100
    2 shots were 5/8"
    140g SST
    73g Magpro 140g SST
    2.865" 74g Magpro
    3366fps 2.870"
    3276fps 3333fps
    no reading 3319fps
    3 3/4" 3 shots @100 3364fps
    4 7/8" 3 shots @100

    140g SST
    75g Magpro
    3 1/2" 3 shots @100

    That was all the loads I had for the 140’s. Pretty *Rule 4 Violation* poor if you ask me. Does anyone have a Savage that shoots better than 1 inch? Pretty much most the shots were evenly spaced showing that indeed there is no hope. On the 72g load, there were 2 shots almost touching with the 3rd pulling it way out. I have no clue as to what to do next with these. I was hoping Magpro with 140’s would work out for me. I was looking for 3300fps with 1/2" to 3/4". I got *Rule 4 Violation* near 3450fps but nowhere near satisfactory groups. So, I ran to town, bought a pound of RL-19 and a box of 130g Nosler B-Tips. Figured this should be the next best to try. Ha ha, *Rule 4 Violation* near same results! Anyways, here they are. Win cases and Fed Mag Match primers for all. I went out .05" for every increment in grains. I Did not get to chrony these, but hope to chrony the 67g load as it shows promise.

    64g RL-19 65g RL-19
    2.860" 2.865"
    3 shots @100 2 3/4" 3 shots @100 2 1/2"

    66g RL-19 67g RL-19
    2.870" 2.875"
    3 shots @100 1 3/4" 3 shots @100 1 1/4"
    2 shots were touching, 3rd
    opened it up.

    It pretty much just sprays them. I will say though, it did like this combo on the average a lot more then it liked the 140’s and Magpro. This rifle is by far the worst/pickiest I have ever worked with. Usually I will find a load that shoots at least 1 inch the first time out. Not this rifle though. Anyone have any suggestions or anything? This is my first Savage and really only bought it because I have heard nothing but good come out of them for accuracy, so I thought I had to have one. I really like the .270 WSM and I want this to be a shooter out to around 800 yards. With groups like that at 100 yards, its not even going out in the field with me yet. I did find a few observations helpful. It seems to shoot better with longer OAL. I think I"m going to play around at 2.875" to 2.890". It also seemed to shoot better as I put 1 more grain in the case. Maybe switch primers? I have heard more than once, which just a simple primer change cut down groups in half. I just hope I get something to work out before deer season, or I’ll have to use my new Winchester 70 Classic 25-06 and the 117g SBT thats shooting .25" for deer.

    P.S. But I really really wanna use my newer .270 WSM for deer. I already know my 25-06 kills them just wonderfully, but I have not shot or seen anything shot with the .270 WSM. So anyone have any pet loads they like to share that will shoot in my Savage, be my guest. Thanks and I hope this info helps others.
  2. chessman

    chessman Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2004
    Interesting. I have no personal experience with the .270 WSM, but I have an acquaintance who I feel is a great hunter and handloader who could not get that round to perform with any load he tried in his new Winchester. He wound up selling it after much frustration.

    I do have out of the box experience with a Savage rifle though. I have a 10FP in .308 that has never been fed a factory load. My worst load for this rifle groups just over an inch. My best are consistently .2 to .3. Not that all rifles are equal in quality (maybe I just got lucky), but I would tend to think you just haven't found the right combination yet.

    Now I'll have to risk having to put my flame suit on. I have never been a 27 cal fan. I own a magnificent commercial model 98 in .270. Bought it for the action, not the caliber. I have always heard that the .270 is very accurate down range, but I've yet to prove it. The best groups I get are ~.75" to 1". Maybe "accurate" was used to describe the average factory hunting load in the average hunter's hands? I don't know for sure, but I don't recall ever seeing a 27 cal in any national matches.
  3. LDO

    LDO Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2003
    how long are you waiting between shots?-my buddy has one in 300wsm and that barrel is awful thin[we have to wait for it cool,but it shoots around 1/2 moa ]-do you have any contact in the barrel channel?another thing to check is the guard screws-if they are too tight or tooloose it will never shoot-in my experience the savages come from the factory with the guard screws too tight-my-2-dave
  4. lukeman269

    lukeman269 New Member

    Oct 11, 2010
    I got the same gun awhile back and Had zero luck with those federal nosler partition rounds either. They are outrageously expensive too. This reply is like 6 years later too lol. Oh well. I had a lot of luck using the 150 grain federal fusion rounds. Very consistent rounds. I also noticed with the 140 grain rounds, is that they are faster but less accurate, the 150s got a little more punch and are much more consistent.
  5. RockZ

    RockZ Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    I had the same rifle and it shot .3" groups with 62.2gr I7828ssc
    140accubonds 2.80" oal
  6. kshunter

    kshunter Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Dont know much about the WSM part but I have a savage 110 in 30-06 with a skinny barrel and no accu-tigger. Wouldnt hit a 12in steel plate at 400yds. Until!!!!! free floated the barrel, worked on the two ton trigger and loaded some 168 A-Max's in front of 54.5gr of H4350 and WLR primers. consistent .5 to .75in groups at 100 now. It likes to poke holes in milk jugs at 750yds. Love the gun. I have a cousin who has a weatherby rifle in 270 win. it likes 140gr accubonds. Just throwing out ideas. :D
  7. Trickymissfit

    Trickymissfit Well-Known Member

    Jun 11, 2010
    ditch the SST's right away! They are not made for that kind of velocity.