Ramshot Powder for 260Rem. hunting load


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Oct 27, 2012
Hello ,
This is my first post to this site. I was wondering if anyone would give me there 2 cent's,regarding a hunting load for a 260 rem.
I would like to try using Ramshot Big Game or Ramshot Hunter behind a Sierra 120 Pro Hunter.
My rifle is 22''with 1-8''twist and I probably will never shoot over 125 yards on whitetail deer.
Any input received will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I probably will never shoot over 125 yards on whitetail deer.
If this is the case, then take your rifle to the range and keep testing loads until you find max and whatever groups best in terms of seating depth with as much powder that is safe in your rifle. At 125 yards, even 200, accuracy is much less important so long as you can group inside 5-7" at 200 yards. Just my opinion, and my method when short range shooting.
Never played with a 260, but I use both powders you mentioned, for the 2 rifles I use them in it's working very very well with easy load workup, and very good accuracy.
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