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Aug 6, 2013
IMG_1290.JPG Went along to help glass for friend's Desert Bighorn hunt. He connected yesterday at the top of the Silverbell mountains. Shot was 615 yds straight uphill from his Browning Hells Canyon Speed 6.5 CM. Hunted 13 days, had 10 days left. We never saw less than 15 sheep a day. Guide and Bighorn Sheep Society guy think it'll go around 177" B&C dried. These hunts are always a great experience.
Barrelnut, he bought a Ruger Precision in 6.5 CM so I worked up a load for it. Shot great groups, but it weighed over 13 lbs. Then he bought the Hells Canyon Speed in 6.5 CM and more load work till it shot well. He had a turret burned for the Swarovski and went hunting with near half the weight. His two 6.5 CMs and another's have impressed me a lot. Great caliber, I can see why it's so popular these days.
Dang that has some mass! I’ve been on a lot of big game hunts, and I can say that sheep hunting is my absolute favorite hunt. There’s nothing like stalking a boss ram high up on the mountain. Congratulations on taking such a fine ram, everyone has an important role to play on a successful hunt, not just the shooter.
Wow what a great ram. The one he passe looks heavier but not as long. Hard to say for sure but bases on the passed ram look massive. Not sure I could have passed him.

Steve, the passed on ram didn't carry his mass as far out as the tagged ram. There was a bit nicer ram there, but he was eartagged and had a tracking collar. Too bad since the collar rubs the hair off and makes for an unappealing mount. The hunter wants a full body mount, so the collared/eartagged ram was not on the menu.
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Nice work, that's going to be a life-long memory for sure.
Moon, here in Az it is a once in a lifetime hunt along with buffalo and the Rocky Mountain bighorn. His Unit has a ton of sheep. I heard game and fish is transplanting some to a couple of new units.
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