Redemption ram!!!

Vey nice critter, what was the range and what were you shooting?
I was shooting a 300win mag loaded with 215gr bergers. The shot was close maybe 120yds. I was all ready with that rifle to shoot out to 500 very confidently. He dropped in his tracks and never twitched. The shot entered direct center of his shoulder on a perfectly broadside shot and did not exit.
That is some unforgivingly rough country. The ground is solid rock and makes for very hard walking. I snuck up a wash that lead to the back side of a huge hill/mountain. The wind the day before was out of the west and the temp was 105. That night the winds shifted to the north east and they were honking. I saw three good rams that evening one of which was a definite shooter. They were on the east side of the mountain. I figured they would be on the west side hiding out of the wind in the morning. That’s where I figured I would use that wash to sneak up and glass that wash as I went. When I was almost to the end of the wash I slipped across into a small draw that lead up to the rim of a big bowl. That is where I figured the rams from the night before would be laid up. I trekked up the small draw and while still in it and out of sight I took my pack off and got my rifle ready. I crawled up to the edge of the rim and started glassing. I glassed for about 30 minutes and saw nothing. I was going to get up and move when in the back of my head a voice said when you think you’ve glassed everything glass five more minutes. That was the advice a great guy from Texas gave me. So I did. I looked to my hard right and this ram who had obviously saw me sneaking up the wash earlier and I never saw him. Thought I was gone and had gotten up and was trying to sneak around the rim of a big cliff to get away. He never knew what hit him. It amazes me how good their camouflaged for that country. Had he not been moving I don’t think I would have ever saw him. This was the first morning of the first day about 2 hours into the hunt. I got LUCKY 🍀!!!
Here is a pic of him after he went to the light. He’s very hard to see:)


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That's what it takes to kill one, a shot through the shoulder. Their heart and lungs are way forward & high compared to deer and elk. I've killed 4 with a 7-30 Waters out of a 20" Contender barrel. They aren't hard to kill if you hit them in the right spot. Gemsbok are the same. An acquaintance shot a Gemsbok through the front right through the chest, They trailed it 15 miles. Nice Ram!

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