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May 13, 2005
El Reno,Ok.
Could someone run quickload for a 7-300wm imp. Heard of some impressive velocites coming from this round. Just wanted to see what's realistically obtainable before spending money on a reamer. Two versions in question have water capacities of 86 and 95 grains with c.o.l. of 2.6" both of which are based on a 300wm case improved.

Your help is appreciated.
7mm 300wm imp.

Sorry, I don't have Quickload, but I do have personal experience to share. I have a Browning A-Bolt SS originally chambered in 7mm Rem. Mag. that I hotloaded for too long and shot out the throat. The bbl is pretty worn too and will only shoot really tight groups with light bullets. I rented a 7mm 300Wby reamer, and cut the chamber out until 300win brass would barely chamber. After doing this, I realized that the neck on the wby chamber was much longer than the 300 win brass that I was using, so I have to push the shoulder back on full length brass to get good cases now.

Anyhow, my gun likes moly coated, 120 grain TSX's with 82 grains of reloader 25. This has low ES and chrono's 3750. Probably too hot in a gun with a tighter bbl so use extreme care working up a load. I generally use 7mm wby maximum data for starting loads in my cartridge. I used to do well with coated 150 nosler BT's and around 76 grains of reloader 25 for about 3350 fps but groups are too sloppy for more than 400 yards. The 120 TSX's will shoot about 3" at 600 yards in NO wind. I took a whitetail doe at 666 yards with that outfit last season.
Sounds like you're getting 7stw performance with less powder. Generally that's what I'm after with the opportunity to use 300wm lapua brass.
7mm 300wm imp.

I am definately getting great efficiency with my cartridge, but I got abnormally high velocities as a factory 7mm Rem Mag too. I think it is partly due to a loose bbl... haven't measured it, but it doesn't leave very deep land marks in the bullets I've recovered from wet phone books. Also, because I used a Wby reamer, I have a lot of freebore to play with. My OAL is near 7mm Ultra factory specs even with a 120 TSX.

If I had it to do over again, I would use a reamer that had a 300 wm length neck so that I could use 300 win brass. I didn't do my homework fully when I prepared for the project. I chambered it without pulling the bbl with a thread tap handle locked on to the reamer and some cutting fluid. It's amazing that I didn't totally screw it up!

Good luck with your project.
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