Quickload Question


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May 18, 2013
with all the new powders like rl 23, rl 26, imr 7797,4451,4166. is there a way to add them to quickload or does it have to be a upgrade?? I have used quickload for 3 or 4 years. thanks for any help. embork
I talked to Neco this morning and yes you have to upgrade to get this. But, at this time they don't have the numbers to put into the program to add these new powders. They have to get those from the real manufacturer of the powder, not Hodgdon, someone from Australia. So until that company shares the numbers we can't get that data for quickload.
Add to this that powder makers provide nothing(to us reloaders) for actual standards/correlations, and new powders represent more detriment than benefit(to us reloaders).
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