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Feb 6, 2014
Klamath Falls,Oregon
I measure my reloads by Ogive, is there a way to put that measurement in QL? I see bullet seating death and shank seating death, I guess I could take a measurement of those two or try to calculate it off of Ogive. Just wondering if anyone has any wisdom in this area!
Your ogive measure won't correlate to anything.
Use shank seating depth based on amount of bearing & base seated. This is used by QL to adjust relative H20 capacity/load density.
Can someone please explain to me how to measure "shank seating depth". I measure all my cartridges by both COAL & Ogive lengths. Thanks Also, on an unrelated point...is it best to measure actual case capacity before or after resizing for Quickload?
It's not critical to the thou or anything. Take a general caliper measure of the amount of bearing seated in your necks, and enter this in QL.

The best measure of H20 capacity is when brass is fully fireformed to your chamber(several firings to stable) and unsized. FL sizing messes this all up, but you can still get a sized 'average' for QL.
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