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Nov 3, 2008
I load for a .338 Edge using Remington and Nosler brass.

What pressure in PSI would you think would be acceptable maximum for each of these two brands of brass in this caliber?

According to QL, with an OAL of 3.780" (what my rifle is set up for) 300g SMK, and 28" tube, with H1000, the MAX load is 90.8g for 2740fps. Pressure is 63, 700. I am getting anywhere from 2800-2850 w/89-92g of H1000 (depending on lot) from my rifle though.

I think you will see that the nosler brass will have looser primer pockets on the 2nd or 3rd firing, from what I have read/heard anyways, while the rems will stay tighter to at around the 4-5 mark. I've shot the remington 300 RUM brass 8 times before I tossed them, still holding primers, but I figured better safe then sorry. For the price and performance of nosler brass, I will continue to use Remington. I dont weight sort it or any of that other crap, just take it out of the bag and load it with a 300g SMK and I have no troubles hitting my 15" gong at 1K.

Interseting to hear what you say about the Remington brass. From the last batch of 100 cases I got three that had the flash hole way off center and would have broken my decapping pin if I had not picked it up. Otherwise I have found the Remington brass OK.
I bought Nosler brass in the hope that It could withstand higher pressure but from what you say it must be weaker than the Remington brass. I am just about to load some up so I suppose I will find out.

I load to a OAL of 3.912" with the 300gn SMK. I want to try Retumbo as my throat is quite long and I still have plenty of case capacity unused when I load with H1000.
What would be a max load from Quickload with Retumbo at this AOL?
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