question: 308win varmit hunting - need help...

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by steve_77, Oct 4, 2002.

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  1. steve_77

    steve_77 Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    hello- First off let me apologize if you've seen this post on some other board, but im trying to come up with a consensus for my problem here. There's alot of knowledgeable folks who are helpful on this board - an right now i seek help. i have a 308win (nice), and would like to get into varmit hunting - was thinking of shooting at coyote sized animals, possibly fox, bobcat, beaver and racoon - and will want to not put too big of an exit wound - so i can salvage the pelts. I know that migh be hard shooting a 308 and all - thats where i need your help was thinking of something ultra light, at a low velocity, non expanding (or something that does absolute minimal expansion - to minimize pelt damage) bullet -- was looking at the following model #'s was wondering what you think - will be shooting at 75-350 yards, i was looking at:

    sierra bullets models 2105 (110gn fmj), 2100 (110grn rn), and the 8005 (85gn rn)

    custom sabot loads (.30 cal sabot) w/ .224 bullet(like rem accelerator)

    sierra bullet 125gn spire point

    sierra bullet 2115 (150gn FMJBT)

    barnes "solid" 165 spire point

    - any thoughts here on any of these? From what ive heard so far i sould give up on the light bullets (less then 110grn), and on the sabot rounds, - and since I will be using these for "pelt" hunting -i should concentrate on the FMJ and barnes solid's -- its impossible for me to get another rifle [​IMG] - so thats kinda out of the question -- ive heaed the speer 125 TNT which seem to be almost "nuclear" as far as pelt damage goes, and am a little leary of any 125gn SP. - was even thinking of just using my berger 175vld's - dont know and im too confused - was hoping some of you good folks could help me out here.

    Also i like varget powder - but if you can think of any better powder that would better suit my situation please let me know -- hope you can help me here - thank you all for your time and patience -- steve
  2. *WyoWhisper*

    *WyoWhisper* Guest

    I shoot the 308 alot and at practically everything under 500 lbs. I shoot the Sierra MK's and maybe soon the Nosler J4's. I have not had alot of pelt damage from the 168 sierras on Coyote's. The are thin enough in the chest that the bullet really doesn't have alot of time to expand. In my expieriences. Usually if I am pelt hunting the bullet placement is right behind the ear. I know it isn't always possible but that what I try for. I would definitly stay away from the light bullets. There would be less damage from a granade!

    I am not familiar with the FMJ bullets and I am not sure how accurate they would be....

    If you lived near Cody Wy I'd let ya borrow my 22-250 I shoot a 40 gr. V-Max at 4155 fps. No exit wounds. They act like someone just turned off their switch cause they never even twitch.

    DANTEC Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    use of regular 150 gr FMJ can do the job , this bullet is just a punch hole maker with medium velocity load you get any blast effect ( as with a hight velocity sabot 224 Barnes ) I get MachV velocity with 300 Wea and barnes 50 gr in sabot and on fox you get the tail the head and nothing between these two parts so not sure that good for for pelt , accuracy is not wonderfull but that very fun to shoot .

    another way is to use heavy bullet as 190 SMK on light thin game you get just a hole as with low cost bulk bullet as Remington 180 gr soft point the a perhaps the way to shoot cheap , just weight and sort by ogive lenght .

    another way is to just rebarrel with take off barrels ( cost of a new one is around 75$ if you want a nib as like new hunting barrel from Rem , Ruger , WIn or Savage .
    caliber as 260 REM with 140 gr bullet have no expansion on thin game , 7.08 with bullet over 150 gr too
    by this way you keep you rifle and can come back in 308 WIN if you need or want .

    My first choice will be 147/150 gr FMJ in 308 with sorted bullets by weight and ogive lenght and Varget if you use this powder ( very good powder )
    that difficult to load less cheap cartridge as surplus mil cases eprimed/resized/cleaned with 147/150 FMJ and Varget
    Remenber than some long range competition as Bisley / Palma shooting use this respice up to 1000 yards .

    Good shooting

  4. Tim Behle

    Tim Behle Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    Coyotes don't respond well to bullets that make big holes. They tend to run like hell after being hit. High velocity bullets that don't exit seem to do best.

    Stay away from FMJ bullets. I've known a lot of guys to shoot a lot of coyotes and think they missed because the coyote kept right on running. The bullets just passed right though and the coyote died somewhere under a bush a half a mile away. One guy "missed" 17 coyotes in a row. I gave him some hollow points to try and he killed the next 6 he called in.

    My fur buyer just told me to expect $50-75 for my bobcats this year. There's no way I'd risk shooting one with a .308

    If you are sure there is no possible way you could swap that rifle off for an appropriate sized fur rifle,( Or even a shotgun. ) You might consider investing in a lot of dental floss and a few good needles.

    But be ready for some fun. Coyote hunting is by far the most challenging and rewarding type of hunting I've ever found.

  5. steve_77

    steve_77 Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    hmm -- seems like im getting alot of different info - still trying to find out if hunting w/ fmj is legal in my state (peoples republic of Kalifornia) - so if i cant go with the light bullets and if the FMJ isnt legal. - was wondering what the final consenus is -- :

    barnes "solid" 165 spire point


    berger 175grn vdl (hpbt match)
    (simmilar to sierra matchking 175 hpbt)

    or ?
  6. *WyoWhisper*

    *WyoWhisper* Guest


    45 grs of Varget, Fed. 210 M primer, Sierra 175 gr Matchking.
  7. rjf3

    rjf3 Well-Known Member

    Mar 12, 2002
    42.2 grains of 4064 with 168 grain Sencars.
    this is not a max load but an accuracy load.