Puffy or synthetic suggestions

Kuiu Make a Burner Jacket it is a new product. I have not tried it but their advertising says it is what you are looking for.
Isn't that what marketing for any product says?

First Lite Chamberlain Down Jacket. Sat and glassed for 6+ hours in 12 degree temps with 30MPH gusts and stayed warm. My hands about froze off but my arms, and core stayed warm. No way I’d have been able to stay that long without it.
Exactly. The Chamberlain is like a -40 sleeping bag for your upper body. You simply can't get cold with it on. I have one and where I live we've already had a few -10 mornings in the last 6 weeks. I have yet to put it on for dog walks in the morning. It is almost purely for sitting still in the coldest of weather. The question isn't whether it's warm enough, the question is whether it's too warm for your intended usage.