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Jul 8, 2010
Gillette Wy
While walking the show at SCI I bumped in Proof Research. They have a show special on some of their barrels. 35% off of their regular retail price for some of their carbon fiber wrapped barrels. Prices good through the end of the month. Should be able to call and ask for the show special. Includes 26,28,30 and 33 caliber barrels in sendero and sendero lite contours. Basically 24-28 inches depending on caliber. Call them for details. Takes a barrel they have been asking $900 for to under $600. Makes them a bit more interesting to me.
Please note I am not affiliated with them in any way and receive no pay or compensation in any way for mentioning this.
It shoots OK, but not any better than a good steel barrel.

If I had to do it again, I would go with a Barlein and save a chunk of change to be used somewhere else.
When you compare to a steel barrel, is this comparison at the same weight?
That is, will a steel barrel of the same weight as a Proof Research shoot as well?
From what I understand, the end user isn't gaining anything in accuracy dept, but you're not losing anything either. The real gain is in weight loss. I've heard good things about Proof.
That's my understanding as well. I look at it like fluting.
And reducing weight, if without performance cost, is well worth the money to me.
But there are a lot of Proof Research unknowns for me right now.

I will only go that way if I can use MY barrels(ex. Krieger), and if can have it turned for carbon wrap by PR, and then finished, broke in, tested, and melonite treated on my end -before the carbon wrapping by PR.
Otherwise I'd just be using a PR barrel and that ain't gonna happen unless their barrels are BETTER than mine, AND they can finish them as well as the best in this industry.
Please understand my comments are not knocking Proof. In fact, they are some of the nicest guys in the business and do have a good product. But, not any better than some of the better barrel makers. Also, the weight savings is not that much compared to a fluted barrel and does not offset the additional cost in my opinion.
Does anyone have a loose PR barrel they can weigh?

I almost bought a magnum research barrel and they said their barrels weighed in at about 3.5lbs. Which is heavy, but not as heavy as what a barrel of the same diameter would weigh. Also I was told they were doing some high speed video footage and a steel barrel looks like a wet noodle compared to how rigid the MR barrel when fired. MR's barrels run about the same as a PR would cost w/ this discount.

Couple things kept me from that barrel: the diameter of the bull barrel wouldn't fit the gamescout stock, and the actual barrel was not offered in 5r nor by the company I want, cost, and unknown performance (or lack of reputation).

I agree w/ the above statement of having your chosen barrel mfg turn down a barrel to be wrapped in carbon... that would be ideal IMO, a new barrel that is, not one that I've shot up and all that other hogwash.
The weight savings may not be all that much or even desirable on a typical hunting rifle. However on a heavier military/tactical type rifle the weight savings might be quite a lot and very desirable. I took a long range shooting class a while back and the instructor had a rifle with one of the proof research barrels, he was quite happy with it, but they are not cheap. Personally I won't be spending any money on one at this point, not really a need and a bit of an unknown at this point.
If your interested I suggest you look at there web site and see the caliber of guys using them.I know one as basically neighbor down road and acomplished competitive shooter and hunter.I have a pre-proof rifle in 338 NM my packer barrel and action was 5.5 oz,rifle finish at 7.2 oz.I saw one come up on this site same as mine but heavier version, picked up because I got a good deal and have a son,doesnt hurt to have same caliber on hunting trips.Ive shot just strong of 1'' at 400 on my best days and taken game in 600-900 with both,so has my son and other friends.I use the heavier one as my practice rifle,although I shot my moose and muley with it this year.I got the one in 2010 and 2012 and price was considerable less,and one was barrel action only.
Thanks for the info. Not sure I'd want to try a 338NM in such a light rifle! Must be using a brake?
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