Potential change of plans on my new rifle...


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Aug 30, 2009
Ok, I've been bugging you fellows on and off for about a week or so now since I've joined your forum. I thought I had things fairly narrowed down from the advice that I've been given and thought I knew what I would be going to buy.

<Insert monkey wrench here>

A guy I work with, his grandfather has been making rifles for a lot of years. He's traded his work for African Safaris and things of that nature and I've seen his work - he's made some very nice rifles. Well... I might have the opportunity to have this gentleman help me build a rifle instead of buying one.

I had been considering the Weatherby Vanguard in .300 WSM. As for the scope I was still considering what to do, weather or not to buy one now or wait longer and save my pennies for one that is more expensive. From the advice given if I was to buy now I was leaning towards the Bushnell Elite 4200, but if I was going to wait until I could spend more I was leaning towards the one from GreyBullPrecision.

Please understand that as far as LRH goes, I am a total and utterly complete novice, know-nothing. I don't only want to do LRH though, I want to be able to hunt close up if need be as well - close up being 100 yards or so.

What would you guys do? Buy off the shelf, or wait a little bit longer (a week or perhaps a month even) and have the opportunity to build your own?


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