Help me decide on my new rifle build


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Apr 24, 2004
Queensland, Australia
I am in Australia. I have been considering a new rifle build for some time. My brother-in-law is my gunsmith and barrel maker and his barrels are achieving some good reports (

I was thinking of 300 Win Mag. I have a 308 Norma Mag hunting rifle but wanted the new rifle build to be designed specifically for long range. I also considered a 30/338 as I understand that these were quite successful at LR competitions some time ago and I like the longer neck for seating the heavier high BC bullets for LR.

However, I have noted the 300 PRC recently and have been considering this. i like the idea of a non-belted round, won't get mixed up with my belted magnums. Also I am a long term Hornady fan which is the primary bullet I use now in my other rifles. But I have only seen ballistics on the Hornady factory rounds in 300 PRC with the 225 gr match bullet. Whilst target shooting does interest me my main use would be hunting and so I use their 212gr ELD-X.

Anyone had any experience with this cartridge (300 PRC) yet and specifically the bullet I would like to use and care to share their experience and ballistics?

Thanks heaps in anticipation.
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