My new rifle! A Chris Matthews work of art!


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Feb 12, 2004
300 Win Mag
- Remington 700 Stainless action
- McMillan A5 tactical stock
- Gary Schneider barrel 27" finished m24 contour 1 in 11 twist
- HS Precision SS Trig Guard w/ detachable mag
- Ops Inc brake
- Teflon coated OD mil spec
- Oversized tacitcal bolt knob
- Badger mounts
- Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NP R2

Just a complete masterpiece! I am so happy. Chris you KICK ***!!!

Special thanks to Ric Horst for answering my countless emails.

If anyone reading this needs a smith I suggest you talk to Chris Matthews at Long Shot Rifles. Chris is FIRST CLASS all the way! He was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He really went the extra mile in every respect. His attention to detail is remarkable. And he did exactly what he said he would me my perfect rifle. Thank you Chris

Ric is going to host some pictures...

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and you are welcome... I'd do anything to help out Chris. I guess we e-mailed somewhere in the neighborhood of 300+ e-mails.. but hey the point is you got exactly what you wanted and now you are starting your journey into the world of LR marksmanship... and you have yourself the perfect rifle to start with!

here are the pics guys.... I must say... that I heard I have just ordered one like it only different color stock.. sssshhhhhh don't tell the wife....



Nice!! I like it! I have one that looks like it's twin only specs are different

- .338 Lapua Mag
- Remington 700 Action
- McMillan A5 tactical stock
- Mike Rock Barrel #7 Contour 27" - HS
Precision detachable mag
- Badger Ordance break- - Badger mounts
- NightForce 5.5x22x50 NP-R2 Retical
- Pillar Bedded in Marine Tex
- M-16 Style Extracter
- Badger Bolt Mod
- Built by G.A. Precision
see The people I talked to say it reduces the recoil more so than other brakes. I knew there wouldn't be to much with this rifle weighing 15lbs. But it turned out that there is ZERO recoil to speak of. I think it's due to the ops inc.

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