Work of art is finished



It started with these threads

I started a job so that put a crunch on my free time, and getting home in the afternoon it was kinda windy outside, cause that is where I have to spray it.
I got switched to 3rd shift so in the mornings it was a lot calmer so I had time to give it some more coats and sand it and spray it again.
It is still going to need sanded with 1500 or 2000 and buffed out, but I couldn't wait to get it put together and take it to the range.
The high comb puts my eye in perfect alingnment with the scope.
Got a lot of compliments at the range on saturday.
Thanks again to Joel Russo for the nice carving of the piece of wood I sent him.
And NO I didn't drill a hole to mount that bipod, it's just sitting on it.





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Very nice !!!!

Joel and you make a good team.

What kind of wood is that?

I have one of his Bubinga stocks that is drop dead gorgeous.

It is a piece of ironwood, I got it from a friend of mine who got it from a customer he did some work for. That guy got it at an estate sale over 25 yrs ago.
Wonderful job finishing that stock Tarey. :)

Looks like you may have a future in stock finishing....

It certainly must be a satisfying feeling knowing that you bedded it and finished it yourself!
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338 Ultra mag. 30 inch Broughton tube with a Centershot rifles Muscle brake and Jim did the gunsmithing work.
Thanks for the nice replys.
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