Possible Savage Stevens Project


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
What I would like to do is buy a savage stevens in a 300wm and have it rechamberd to a 338wm or 338 rum with a MCgowen barrel. I don't have the funds for a 338 edge which would be my first choice. How easy and expensive would it be for me to do? :D

You can get a barrel chambered in 338/300RUM,ie 338 edge that would work in your savage.
A pre-fit barrel runs about $300.
Go to savageshooters.com and you can get all of the information you could ever want.
I have built about 6 savages up and it's very economical.
Were you able to do the work for yourself or did you have a smith help you? And what about replacement stocks? Are there any for the stevens?

My buddy has the barrel wrench and vice so I just go over to his place and put the rifle together.
I'm sure you could get a smith to do it for a very reasonable fee since no gunsmithing is actually required.
As far as aftermarket stocks,
Stockade Gunstocks makes some great stocks, and Kevin Rayhill, the owner does great work as well.
The Bell and Carlson Medalist is also a stock I like to use on my savages.
The easiest is to find a factory chambered 300RUM then you can spin the barrel of and spin on a Mcgowen 338 Edge barrel. If you find one in the RUM then you don't have to get a different bolt head and the magazine will be right also, you can find them at pawn shops usually for around what a new Stevens would go for.
The RUM/H&H actions are getting hard to find and expensive. The magazine/action will still need modified to feed the heavy bullets seated long and the RUM case fits a standard magnum bolt face.

My latest project started as a Stevens in 300WM and is now a 338/300 RUM. I assembled it, cost was <$1000 for parts including the donor rifle. 28" Shilen barrel, NSS recoil lug, SSS trigger, B&C Medalist stock, locally manufactured/installed brake.

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