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Nov 10, 2001
I'm looking for a hitch receiver shooting bench that is high quality. Has anyone come across such a bench? This would be ideal for my suburban's 2" receiver.
I have seen some of these in the literature, mainly fabricated by the owners.

Initially, not a bad idea, they tend to limit you to shooting out of the back of your vehicle.

My personal preference is for the BR PIVOT made by varmint masters. The standard design is about $500, but it makes for very elegant varmint shooting and I like it alot.



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DMCI-- That bench looks pretty trick. Ideally I would like one to fit in a receiver. Does it fold up to be pretty compact?
...you might wanna look at this bench on their website... just search br pivot bench... this is without a doubt the top of the line portable bench... not lightweight and not cheap, especially with the carrying cases... also, have you considered how difficult it is to stabilize the vehicle to prevent movement... jmo, thanks, Larry
BR Pivot

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> The BR Pivot® is the result of years of varmint and target shooting using improvised rests and other commercially available products. Feeling that something else was needed; we designed what is now the BR Pivot. This bench rest is not the lightest, nor is it the cheapest rest on the market. What it is, is what we feel to be the most stable, quality, portable bench rest for varmint shooting and informal target work available today. It is made from the highest quality materials, using modern manufacturing methods, to give the shooter a no compromise shooting platform, designed for a lifetime of use. There are no cheap sheet metal parts or bent, lightweight tubing in the BR Pivot. The bench top is roomy enough for rifle, rests, bags, ammo, spotting scope/binoculars, lunch, etc. (45"x26"). The top is made of solid, edge-glued hardwood (butcher block style) sanded and sealed with medium Watco oil, reverses for right or left handed shooters. The center post is machined aluminum 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy tubing. A fully padded (marine-grade UV rated naugahyde), height adjustable seat is comfortable enough for a full days shooting. The tripod is made entirely of steel tubing that folds flat for transport and storage, employs individual leg adjustment for leveling , and has pivoting feet for sure footing. Industrial synthetic bearings ensure precise, quiet rotation for varmint shooting, or may be locked for target work. The entire assembly is powder coated with a matte medium tan color finish , industrially rated for extended outdoor use, UV protected to eliminate fading and peeling. This is a close-tolerance, precision bench rest that is ideal for field use, sets up in less than one minute without the use of tools, and takes down just as easily.



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Here is a pic of my portable bench. I'm sure it could be reconstructed to fit in a receiver. It is a very solid platform and is fully adjustible for shooters that are left or right handed, big or small. The biggest part (the table top) could be cut to make it more accomodating. The legs, seat, and main tube can be wrapped in 1 package with a couple of bungee cords.

Below is a pic of my portable bench. I made it from a B&D workmate. Not the most stable platform but more then enough for a field rest when weighted down by rifle.

There are newer larger versions that should prove rock solid.

Folds up and weighs about 25lbs so portable.

The rifle on top is my 300RUM.

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