Best portable shooting bench

I'm not trying to sound like a smart a**

But have you tried the search function?

I typed in Shooting bench, and had 78 matches in less than 30 seconds.

"portable shooting bench" Gave me 6 matches, including another with this exact same subject.

The search function is a great tool, I just don't think most people ever notice it.

Please don't think I'm picking at you, I'm not. I see a lot of people ask questions, that someone else asked recently also. I just finally decided to mention it.

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I like the portability of the transit tripods but I think if you are looking for ultimate stability, the three or four legged large diameter pipe leg, heavy top tables are the best. The three leg type would give solid contact with the ground on all legs with no adjustment, but may leave the top canted depending on terrain. The four leg table will need adjustments on at least two legs to level it and be stabile. Just how stabile you need to be is the question... I'd sure like to test a surveyor tripod type at 1000 yards and see how much the crosshairs move on the target. A "V" top on an adjustable shooters stick under the buttstock could always be used to stabilize the rifle if needed though.
Have you looked at the Ultimate tripod.They weigh about 13 pounds.Have a carry strap.Set up in about 30 sec.I have made one shot kills on ghog up to 800 yards off one.....
...Phil Millers gun shop in Mill Hall,Pa carries them.......(570)726-3030.
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