POLL : what cleaning juice or method ?



I was just wondering what cleaning juice or paste and method everybody uses. I've seen and heard of lots of Home Brews and such just wanted to see what was the most popular.
THere is only one.. I have used it for about a year now.. does everything you need in one solvent..

Montana Extreme!

I havn't touched Sweets, Butch's or Shooters Choice since I can't remember when...
I just started using Montana Extreme and, so far, I am nothing short of impressed.

I use it to clean a couple of revolvers that metal foul pretty bad and the stuff seems as efficient as Sweets without the hydroscopic attitude.

My previous favourites were Sweet's & CR-10, but that may change with the advent of Extreme.

I really like JBs, but I now want to try Montana's bore paste for a comparison.
2/3 Shooter's Choice - 1/3 Kroil for normal cleaning.
Sweet's for copper.
JB if needed.

Sometimes straight Kroil for normal cleaning, also.

I use it on SS barrels all the time gurenteed not to hurt them...

I'll have Chris converted soon..
Whipe out!
I'm with Chris and Brent on this one. SC/Kroil combo for routine cleaning. Sweets to occasionally reduce visible copper at the muzzle and JB when ever I think it may help.

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