Gun juice

I started using it on my guns, seem to clean up easy (have not tried out how it handles heavy leading yet.. suppose to cut down on leading for 22's)

Microlon Gun Juice

so far i'm happy, didn't check velocity before i treated.
I don't like this statement, "When properly applied, it forms a low-friction coating on the surface." For me you would be better off with allowing the wax on your 22 bullets to do their job. I have found with my 22LR that I have to shoot about 10rnds on a clean barrel before it settles into its one hole groups at 50yrds.

I personally haven't tried it but one of the other members here has used it on a couple of used Senderos that he bought. He speaks highly of it. Last time we discussed this he was getting some info together to post a thread on it. Maybe the time has come???
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