Pocket PC's in the Rain??


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Nov 17, 2009
First of all, let me say that I have a Dell Axim X30 with exbal installed. Also, I have an Ipod touch with Ballistic FTE installed. Both have proven accurate and reliable for my needs. But what happens when I (or we) are in the field and it starts to rain? Neither device I own is waterproof, and I have yet to find a waterproof case that in my opinion is suitable for hunting. I do have an Otterbox 2000 that I keep my Dell in, but still, I'd rather not take it out if its raining. I guess I could always make a drop chart with rite in the rain paper, or just stay home if there is a chance of rain. But thats no fun right?

What do you guys do??

And no, I cant afford the Recon PDA, at least not until I hit the lottery..


Have made several of these custom sized 'electronic dry bags' for various pursuits. My Axim X30 stays in one while out hunting with a stylus fastened to the drybag fastex buckle via nylon string (drill hole through stylus, pass string through, tie knot). Doesn't function quite as easily as if there was not a bag around it, but I can quickly do Exbal calcs through the clear vinyl. Best thing I've come up with. Any other ideas?
The otterbox for the Ipod touch like I have has been discontinued on their site. Have seen a few on Ebay, but they get on up there in the bids.. Like $100 or more. It still would be a good investment I'm sure.
I think the I-Pod touch Otterbox has been replaced by the I-Phone 3Gs etc. Otterbox, because I believe the I-Pod Touch and the I-Phone are externally identical . The I-Phone box is on the front page of Otterbox's web page FYI.

Edited to add: They also have a seperate model for I-Phone 1st Gen. so maybe there are some dimensional differences?

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Does a laser range finder work in the rain? They don't work very well when it is snowing. If they don't in the rain you need a back up system for ranging or your program is toast???

This is why I ordered a Viper 6-24X50MM PST FFP MOA scope. So I can range with the reticle.

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