Poachers ?


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Jan 7, 2003
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In your opinion what do you think shoul be done with Poachers.
In my opinion they fall in the category as a thief!
My opinion is likely controversial.

If they are poaching to feed themselves or their family, which they otherwise could not do, then I would look the other way.

If they can afford the basics of life, are sport hunting or simply clueless selfish scum, then I say throw the proverbial book at them.

They are lucky we do not have hanging parties in my opinion.

Predators fall into a different category. If a rancher is getting decimated with losses and the Fish and Game is not adequately dealing with it(Such as wolves), then again I am apt to forget I saw anything.
If they know full well they are poaching then punish them to the full extent of the law. If the full extent of the law in a particular state is such that it is a misdameanor then I think in addition they should no longer have the right to own, shoot or be in the vicinity of a firarm. If in a given state it's a felony well then that does it they automatically can't own, shoot or be in the vicinity of a firearm.
Shoot 'em, they are thieves of the lowest sort, because they are stealing from everyone!

I do not consider subsistence hunters poachers. They are using the bounty of nature to support themselves and their families.

The problem is distinguishing the two! Of course if they are riding a brand new ATV, with a $40,000 truck, I doubt they belong to group two!

Of course, I tend to be a bit old timey about this kind of stuff!

I think

They should be punished to the full extent of the law

I feel

They should be punished to the full extent of the law 300 years ago
What is particularly low is trespassing and poaching on your farm......have to deal with that on occasion, but not usually the same one twice. Just because these low lifes are too lazy to actually develop any skills, and HUNT......these does and yearlings, and the once in a while buck, that pass through our farm don't belong to us, they can easily come and go......... just please wait til it is on the other side of the fence! Just this year caught a guy on the farm having just loosed some dogs..........he must think we are really stupid as he said he was trying to catch them.......sure, first thing in the early morning.......Game cameras properly secured and hidden are our new best friend!!!
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