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Anders Bruun

Nov 1, 2009
I think that i already have found my problem, but not shure how to solve it.

I use Redding Comp dies - neckseizer with bushings - no expander.

In my 6.5 x 55 it is perfect - no problems

But in my 308 i get a bullet runout about .005" - the fired case is fine, but after neckseizing, it in no good

I think the problem is, that i have to set the neck back .008"

Here goes the question (finally) - if i set the neck back in 2 x .004 - will that give me a perfect result - or is it just half a solusion ?

If it is no - good, how can i get my .001" runout, with that kind of set-back ?

Thank you for helping !


Anders Bruun
Your Idea is good. It often helps to decrease runout by sizing in steps when you have a large amount of diameter to resize.
Try reducing the neck diameter in two steps. Taking more than 0.005" at once is known to cause run-out.
@ winchester 69 - yes i found that out, and i will try that today, and hopefully that will do the trick !

@boomtube - if it don´t work, with the two step - that´s what i will do !

@ montanarifleman - that is the one, that i am using, with a poor result !!

Thanks for your inputs

Anders Bruun
Well - now I have made my 2 step neck seizing with my Redding comp.die.

The result may be ok, but it gives less necktension, and so I need to add .001 or .002 more tension .........da.. ! then i have to make a 3 step seizing - not funny at all.

I went with the Lee collet die - worked quite well, read instructions and looked at videos on the internet. No problem, but it gave me .003 - .004 runout messured on ogive - not bad, but still not what I was looking for.

Back to square one

In a state of panic I vent back to my 1 step .334 bushing - what I did, was to widen the edge of bushing, ever so slightly.

The result from a trail batch was - 1 /.003 1/.0025 and the rest was under .002 messured on the ogive.

I guess, that for unsortet, unturned brass, and allowing for some unevenness og the bullet - this is as good as it gets.

I will now accept this runout, and move on to load development.

Thanks for your inputs

Anders Bruun
Thank you - i always do - and that gives me consistant tention og 20 - 30
reloads on the same brass - a lot of work, but I don´like to do things half.

I don´t reload to save monny, but to get the best acc. possible, only then I can concentrate on my shooting skills :)

Regards AB
I guess, that for unsortet, unturned brass, and allowing for some unevenness og the bullet - this is as good as it gets.

Are you not turning your necks? If your necks aren't turned, my guess is that's your problem right there. This really had me puzzled. The competition bushing die should be turning out godt results.

@ montanarifleman

Yes you are right, and it does in my 6.5 x 55 - but you see, that I have to set my 308 win. back .009" to get .001 necktension. If I neckturn, it will be even more, and when it is well known, that more setback than .005" can give you problems - as I found out :)

Funny thing is, fired they are round (the offset is inside), and when necksized they have .002 runout on the neck, but sub .002 on ogive, when loaded. This is something i would expect from the Lee collet die !! - not from a bushing die !!

Thanks AB
I am new to using bushing dies and I still dont understand your dilema. You should be able to adjust your tension by using different size bushungs?

And if you're not turning your necks, why not just use standard neck sizer with expander button? You dont have control over the tension but you should get good concentrity if you use the floating expander button with a rubber o ring. I know a guy who loads using this method and claims less than .001 runout.

Again, I'm new to the bushing type sizing so I am still learning.

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