Planning to Re-Build Savage 7mm Rem Mag


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Jul 24, 2009
I have an old Savage 110 7mm Remington Magnum that I was given and would like to be able to use. It was missing parts when I got it, but I found a replacement old-style bolt on Ebay a few years ago and bought a replacement factory varmint-contour barrel with brake, as well. I have a couple of spare stocks for Savages laying around that I will look to as I get closer to finishing. I've had a setback with the barrel I had purchased wife didn't realize what it was, and, thinking it was just some spare pipe, stored it in a bad place while I was away and when I got back it was rusted pretty bad. I am going to try media blasting it when I get home next, to see if it can be saved. It does look like there may be two pits in the bore, but I need to look at it, again, when I get home after it has been sitting in solvent for the last two months.

Assuming that I cannot save the barrel, who should I look to for a replacement barrel within the following standards? First, budget is important; I have so many other projects going on I don't intend for this to be a high-dollar build. Second, drop-in fit to the Savage without having to have a blank threaded elsewhere; competent gunsmiths in my area are few and far between. Third, either in stock or a short (less than about 12 weeks) wait time.

I expect to go with a 26"-30" (your advice on length and reasoning is appreciated), 1:9" twist, Savage Varmint contour or similar. What muzzle brake is recommended? My intention is shooting hogs, coyotes, the occasional small Texas whitetail, and antelope at ranges within 800 yards. From time to time, I would like to shoot steel gongs out to 1000 yards, but hunting hogs and coyotes at 300-800 yards will be the primary function.

The stock I most likely will use is a Sharp Shooter Supply fiberglass sporter.

Sending you a pm about barrels.

As for the stocks. If you're serious about keeping it under 12 weeks, you'll have to get something off the shelf. SSS isn't going to happen, neither will Stockade. Your best bet would be a B&C or Laminate from Stocky's.
I've got the SSS stock on hand from another project I had started, but the barrel channel was too wide for the rifle I intended it for.

Photo from a test fit:
I read you post wrong. I was thinking you needed a stock in 12 weeks.

For the barrel. If Jim at NSS doesn't have what you need in stock, Devin at Sin Arms can get you what you want in less than 12 weeks.
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