Planning a wolf hunt in lower 48


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Aug 11, 2005
Eastern Nebraska
I would like to start planning a wolf hunt in the lower 48, I have done little to no research at this time. Looking for any and all information. Which state offers best chance of tagging one? I live in Nebraska so will be looking at a non-res permit. Which state offers over the the counter vs draw on wolf. Private vs public land hunting. Method of hunting, spot/stalk, calling, using a guide. If I over looked anything, please let me know. Thanks,
A tough nut to crack any way you look at it, but I applaud your effort. Idaho has a link-go to their hunting home page, click on wildlife, and you'll find a column with wolf harvest info by unit. That will give you an idea of generally where they're at.

If you're open to guided, I'd add, BC, and Alberta to the "lower 48", look for a hunt that includes, trapline, and bait sets to increase your chances.

Good luck!
As said go to the ID F&G site and check things out.

If you want to know where they are keep in mind they travel a ton and are where they were only once in awhile and not that often.

Two packs 5 and 15 west of Leadore. They were seen many times by those looking for the lost little boy.

Another place is north of DuBois. That would be between I-15 and Island Park, north of Kilgore. Fairly accessible compared to some other places.

Goole Earth on those places and look around.

Between access to Saw Mill Canyon, north of Howe, and Leadore is another decent spot. I've personally seen them in that area. And plenty of reports. Timber Creek Pass is the search name on Google Earth.

They follow the big game which end up all over the desert in winter.

Just some suggestions.
From what I have read, they follow the herds around and take whatever they want. MT is a big state, and the damage they cause to other game is far beyond their numbers.

You might consider that there are quite a few wolf / coyote hybrids in your area in case that is ever interesting.

Personally, I would hire a guide for a hunt like that, and take along some animals to carry the packs. There are some threads about pack goats on the forum.
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