Wolf hunt

Friend of mine called two in this fall off a mountain right before dark,shot them with his 6.5 cm and was dark.Was alone came back in morning to 12'' snow,was lots of blood under snow,but couldnt line out where they went.Was a brushy shot,wished he had his 300 rum.
I use a Rem 700 BDL 7 mm Mag for every thing up here in Alberta … I like a 175gr bullet .. shot placement is important with all shots … the wolves you have in the state's came from where I live and hunt … Hinton/Grande Cache … with hills and cuts out here the shots could be distance … having a BDC system is important with a Range finder in your pocket … I like calling wolves in like Western Wolf Hunting 10 only I use a Elk reed and distress call them in .. I have been doing this for over 30 years … if u have a frontal shot most times the bullet will stay in body … here is a few I have shot up here in Alberta Canada … although they were shot at close range 30 yards as i was calling .. good luck with your Wolf hunt


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Hi answering your question on calling and killing wolves I work for the Manitoba trappers and predator control crop insurance I use a wild life technology call. It works great @ the end of September I got called to clean up a problem and I called out 5 wolves 4 of them never made it back to the bush. Shot them with a 223 Tikka 52 GR. boat tail hollow [email protected] 150 yards 1 shot each that about limit for that gun. since then I bought a 243 win Tikka and reamed it out to 6mm Creedmoor good to app. 400 yds.
6mm -06.... many of the bullets would be awesome. 95 partition, 100 partition, 90 lapua , 85 partition. swift scirroco 90.
It's been a long time since I was asked to hunt wolves. my personal fave wolf gun was my 25-06 with 90 grain HPBT from Sierra. Moderate/accuracy loads worked very well. no real pelt damage, no follow up shots, low sound. my preferred call was the deer fawn in distress. Cotton Tail in distress was a close second. even the calf in distress got those things to come running. the problem for me was every so often I would call in a hungry black bear. At that point I was severely under gunned.
I'm going to be packing my lightest rifle setup, which is a Tikka T3, 7 rem mag, 140 gr Nozler BT, which is right at 8lbs.... over gunned I know... but it's my lightest rig at the moment... that is also set up for at least 700 yds.
22 Creed with your 75gr bullet would be plenty of power out to ~500yds.

But I'd take whichever rifle you shoot the best at longer ranges, just in case you get a chance at long yardage. I wouldn't select the gun based on minimizing pelt damage. Just don't head shoot them.

Wolves in many areas are more an opportunity of chance, unless you can invest a lot of time in the area you're hunting. Depends on the wolf density in the area hunted, of course. In Alaska, I always found they were most active in February/March, during their mating season. This based on trapping / snaring them for a number of winters. Even when I was out a lot running my trap lines, wolf encounters were rare.
I do have a 22-243AI that shoots 80 gr Amaxes at 3558 fps that is more than a match for those furry buggers... but it's a lot heavier... but we'll see what happens... I'll be taking it along just in case I need some longer shots.
the 120 ballistic tip from a 7mm mag is awesome. many on 24hour use it for elk. faster and flatter.