Wanting to plan a wolf hunt


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Oct 9, 2009
Pottsville, ky
I'm from Ky and I want to plan a wolf hunt. What states do i need to look at or what areas. I will be travelling from Kentucky so it is going to be a pricey trip so I want to try to set myself up for the best chance for success. I would appreciate any info that you guys have to offer
I don't know if it's offered anywhere, but hooking up with a trapper is the best chance for success. Yes, you would have to be legal to trap in the given State, may be a few hoops to jump through. After that local knowledge about where, and help on how to make a set. It's best on private land.

Look at the stats, most WI wolves tagged were trapped. Hunting is a lower percentage event, especially in thick cover. Besides trapping, the next best would be in a blind watching an established carcass pile.


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I looked into Idaho and found them to be very cool about hunting wolves there. If you have a hunting license you can get a set up online and I believe tags were $42 even if you were from out of state. Idaho has NO love for wolves. You have to go to the northern part of the state.
Good luck
I'm pretty sure that 49 states have wolves. They may live in a zoo. But the trip will be cheaper if you head to Idaho or Montana. Alaska has the easiest hunting, which is usually done on snow machine. Just learn to shoot while cold.
Come here to Idaho if you want a chance at some wolves. We have plenty of them around. The problem is very few people are successful on a dedicated wolf hunt. Most of them are incidental kills while hunting deer or Elk.
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