Pillar bedding a Ruger M77 Tang saftey

Joe King

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Apr 29, 2012
The cold part of Montana
I glass bedded the original stock for this rifle years ago. It was a pretty strait forward thing. I ordered a laminated thumbhole stock and pillars, Pillars came today stock should be here Monday. With the front action screw being angled, I imagine this makes it not quite so strait forward. How do you guys go about pillar bedding this action? The dry runs before I put any goop in there will probably tell me a few things, but I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions.

I'm thinking a couple of steps, bed the recoil lug and front pillar first, . Let that cure then bed the rear pillar and the rest of the action, or am I over thinking it? The method I'm going to use is this
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