Other scopes with CDS options

Ryan Venema

Jun 7, 2018
Dallas, TX
Forgive me if I am using the wrong terminology, but I am looking for other scope options/companies that offer a custom dial based on your own load. I am aware of only Leupold (CDS line) and I think Nightforce that offer this option. Are their other companies that offer this? I am currently building long range 6.5 Creedmoor and a 6.5 Grendel bolt guns and while I wait for the barrels and stocks, I am starting down the tedious path of which optics for each of them. Mixed target and hunting.

Also if there are others, what do y'all Recommend?

Thank you
I just picked up a 7 stw I had built with a z8i and shooting a 195 elite with 0 moa bases it will get me out to 1,200 yards.
beware of burris MAD turrets especials in the veracity and lower series, their zero stop pin limits you to less then 1 full rotation of the turret up.

Pretty much makes the scope useless for long range.
Apologies in advance for being the naysayer of the group, but sounds like you're just beginning your journey so I thought it was important to mention:

I'd advise against focusing on custom turrets that read out in yards. Instead, be thinking about drops in terms of MOA or MILS and how the conditions impact those values. For instance, just because your particular load drops XYZ amount of inches at 400 yards doesn't mean that it'll do the same thing at a different elevation, temperature, density altitude, etc. All these variables have to be taken into account. A turret marked in yards is only good for a snapshot of the conditions. It's very limiting.
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