Other scopes with CDS options


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Mar 25, 2007
Apologies in advance for being the naysayer of the group, but sounds like you're just beginning your journey so I thought it was important to mention:

I'd advise against focusing on custom turrets that read out in yards. Instead, be thinking about drops in terms of MOA or MILS and how the conditions impact those values. For instance, just because your particular load drops XYZ amount of inches at 400 yards doesn't mean that it'll do the same thing at a different elevation, temperature, density altitude, etc. All these variables have to be taken into account. A turret marked in yards is only good for a snapshot of the conditions. It's very limiting.
Crews is right on the money here! I think the custom yardage turrets are good to about 500y. This is kind of the cutoff for when bullet bc is of little consequence. So if you are never going to shoot much past this and or never be working at varying atmospheric conditions, (temp and humidity are big ones) then the custom turret will be fine. Don't lose your original turrets.


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