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Jan 2, 2003
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If my scope is set up so that 4 clicks moves the point of impact 1 inch at 100 yards, it would be 16 clicks at 25 yards to move it that same inch. What about 200 yards? Would it be 2 clicks to move it an inch; one inch at 300 yards? What happens after that?

You are dealing with the angle the scope is set at in relation to the bore, so picture this; The scope is dead on the bull at 100 yards and rifle locked in place, you dial the scope 4 clicks or 1 moa and you see the crosshair move approximatly 1" on the bull. If the target was at 200 yards it would have moved 2", at 300 yards 3", 400 yards 4" and so on. The distance is multiplied, 200 yards is twice as far, 300 yds is three times as far and so on.

At 25yds you'd need 16 clicks, or 4 moa to move it 1" just like you said.

If your bullet drops 50" in 500 yards, then 1 moa is worth 5" of drop at 500 yards, so 5" goes into 50, 10 times, so 10 moa is needed to zero at 500 yards.
10moa times 5" each = 50" compensated for.

Hope that helps some.

1 click (1/4 moa) is worth .25" at 100yds, .5" at 200yds, .75" at 300yds, 1.0" at 400yds, 1.25" at 500 yds and so on.

.25" times 5 (for 500yds) = 1.25", this is how much the crosshair will move at 500yds with 1 click (1/4 moa) adjustment.

I probably over answered your question but you should see the trend.

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Think of it as "Bullet Impact change"

If you have a scope with 1/4 MOA clicks that means the impact will change up, down, left or right 1/4" at 100 yds, 1/2" at 200 yards, 3/4" at 300 yds, 1" at 400 yds and so on. You can see it is changing EVERY 100 yards by 1/4" more then the previous 100 yd range.

At 1000 yards the bullet impact will change 2 1/2" with "EACH" click. At 2000 yards that same one click represents 5" of change.

So if your 10" low of the bull at 1000 yards, you would come up 4 clicks.---2 1/2" change X 4= 10".

"Always" remember what EACH click represents at the yardage you are shooting if your using a click chart, which should be taped on the side of your stock.

If your shooting 1200 yds each 1/4 MOA click will change impact 3" (4 devided into 12=3" or 12 X 1/4"= 3")
If your shooting 1600 yards each click will change impact 4". 4 devided into 16 = 4" or 16 X 1/4" = 4"

It's a piece of cake after you do it for awhile.

Hope that helped

I rounded everything off to inches to make it easy for you instead of the actual MOA= 1.04"

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It is very important to know how far each click will move you at any one distance. It really speeds things up in a hunting situation if you happen to miss and or use spotter round method. We run a chart and keep it with us for reference IF needed. When you start shooting extended ranges this becomes more and more critical. As a few of these fella's mentioned you should (as everyone hunting long range should) MEMORIZE click adj.amounts for at least every 100yrd inc. out to your own personal limit. This is very important in elev. as in windage should you miss your mark.
This might help

Displacement at Range
= (Range/100) x Displacement at 100

Example: 1 click moves our POI 1/8 inch at 100 yards. How many inches does 1 click move the POI at 500 yards.

Displacement at 500 yards = (500/100) x (1/8 inch)
= 0.625 inches
=5/8 inches

Example: 8 clicks moves our POI 1 inch at 100 yards. How many inches does 8 clicks move the POI at 75 yards.

Displacement at 75 yards = (75/100) x (1 inch)
= 0.75 inches



Don't get mixed up with 700s post concerning "HIS" 1/8 th MOA scope.

You mentioned in your first post that you had a 1/4 MOA scope to figure out.

Some people get mixed up between the two.

Most LR hunters/shooters use the 1/4 MOA scopes for faster accusition of the target if they click to it.

Just wanted to let you know about the 1/8 MOA clicks.

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