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Feb 8, 2009
My GF just bought me a Rem 700 which came with a 3-9x40 scope. When I look through the cheap 3-9x40 I can see the full sight window edge to edge with no "border around the sight picture. Now when I look through my Nikon Monarch 4-16x50 which is obviously much higher quality it appears to have the same if not less sight window than this 3-9x40 and my scope has a 50OBJ, why am I not getting my full sight window? This is not just my scope but other higher end scopes I have looked through have the "smaller" sight picture
Sounds like a difference in eye relief (i.e. distance from your eye to the first lens). Either the new scope is mounted so that it's closer to your eye when you're in shooting position, or the scope itself is capable of longer eye relief. I haven't scientifically examined this but it seems to me that some lower end scopes allow for greater eye relief.
Try getting in normal shooting position with your Nikon and, without changing your hold, slide your face forward without breaking cheek weld. If it the "window" goes away as you move closer, you may want to think setting your scope back a little closer to your eye.
See i tried that, but the cheapo 40OBJ scope STILL has a MUCH fuller sight picture (edge to edge) than my high end 50OBJ. Its actually quite disgraceful HAHAHA
I wouldn't call Nikon 'High End' but I like mine and I have no problem what you are describing. I have Leupold on my other Rifles and no such problem with them either. Use the Cheapo if you like it better.
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