One Coyote, Maybe Two

Double Naught Spy

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Oct 8, 2012
Forestburg, Montague County, Texas
While hunting hogs at TBR in Montague County, north Texas, I decided to do some predator calling. I would call for a few minutes, wait a few, repeat. To my surprise, a pair of coyotes appeared. The first one, a male, quickly disappeared into the high wheat/oats of the food plot. The second stayed out in the open and was shot first. This coyote ducked back into the tree line and was not seen again. Attempts to find this coyote resulted in being unduly ravaged by mosquitoes and the search was quickly abandoned. I doubt she got very far, but she got farther than I could go.

The male exited the food plot and was into open, mowed field. He trotted some distance before stopped and that is where I dropped him.

I thought I would just run over and get some quick pics, but that wasn't the case. I slogged through a virtual swamp or bog, my boots being sucked down by the mud, the constant hum of mosquitoes despite my companion.

I waited a few more hours for hogs. Silly me, they weren't there. They were all across the road on the neighbor's property again.