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Sep 12, 2009
Got my Remington Custom KS back from the smith and he did some tweaking to the bedding . Loaded up some bullets and went to the range. Shot groups of 2.5 +/- with the Nosler 140 gr BT @ 100yds using RL 22 powder and Fed. 215 primers with a OAL of 3.6 and powder charges of 71,73,75 gr all shot the same . What do I do to make this thing shoot tighter groups? Bullet weight? Bullet choice? OAL ? Any and all help welcome. What size group should I be getting or sholud I expect out of my rifle? 22in barrel and I belive a 1in 10 twist.
Not sure what caliber you're shooting, but I'm figuring 7mmSTW by the amount of RL22 with that weight bullet. I imagine that's probably a sporter weight barrel and heats up quickly, are you shooting those rounds back to back with no pause in between?
Did your smith check out the crown when he had it? I would definately try different bullet weights and different powders. JohnnyK.
Yes it is a 7mm STW and I didnt get him to check the crown and the barrel does heat up extremely fast. What weight bullets should I try and maybe some different powders? What about bullet seating depth would that be major factor? What range should be the best for shooting groups as far as bullet stability. Thank you so much for all your help and please keep the tips coming.
I would look at the crown first. You can do that with a magnifying glass and some good light. Sunlight works great. At the muzzle where the flat part of the barrel and the rifling meet there should be a smooth, consistent angled junction. It's usually at an 11 degree angle and should be free of burrs and rough, chatter machine marks. When you shoot several rounds you should be able to see where the powder leaves about 5 or 6 consistent "marks" on the end of the barrel. These are meer powder smudges and wipe off with your finger but give you a good indication if the gases are leaving the barrel consistently and evenly behind the bullet. If this is messed up you'll play hades trying to find an accurate load.
If your heart is set on the 140gn, I would try a faster burning powder, after checking the crown. I first tried the 180gn Ballistic Tip in my .300 WinMag with RL22 as Nosler #6 said that was the most accurate powder tested. Accuracy ran 1.0-1.5" at 100yds. I was dumb founded. My first 7Mag loved RL22, why didn't this rifle? I tried H4350 and walah! Accuracy ran in the .3's. I then ran the 180gn MatchKing with RL22 and accuracy ran in the .3's. I can't explain this, I just feed it what it likes.
I would get around to trying other bullet weights also. I recently brought my boss's 280 Rem home to zero it in with Hornady 139gn LM factory ammo he had. I cleaned the barrel thoroughly and was amazed when it sprayed bullets in a 6-8" "pattern". I tried several 3 shot groups and the results were the same. I resized that brass and prepped it like I do all mine and loaded some 140gn Ballistic Tips and accuracy ran pretty much the same as the factory fodder. I then tried some 120gn Ballistic Tips ahead of XMR3100 and what a difference. Accuracy went well under an inch for this bullet and the Sierra 120gn Spitzer. I guess this barrel's twist is not compatible with the 140gn range of bullets that I tried. I haven't tried anything heavier than 140.
It may take a little experimenting and can be frustrating at times but be patient and hopefully you will find that "holy grail" load. Keep us posted with your findings. JohnnyK.
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Once again I do thank you for all the pointers and will look at the crown right away. I have some 160 gr Partitions and will try a few of them and see what happens if the crown is good. May try some loads with IMR 4350 and different powders. Need to get a load together in a hurry and get this thing to shoot . Leave on a elk trip to Colo. in a few weeks. Once again thanks. Wish I could talk to some people that owned the same rifle and see what results they had.
160 gr Partitions are good bullets but not good BC. I shot them for many years out of my 7mmRM and they were great out to 300 yds or so. I could get .75" groups with them out of a factory Ruger M77.

For an STW I would definitely recommend a heavier bullet than a 140 gr. Some good bullets to consider would be the 160 AB, 162 A-Max, 168 Berger, 180 Berger and 175 SMK. They all have good to very good BC's and good to excellent accuracy. I personally am not a fan of the explosive bullets, but they are usually effective. I

I would start with the 160 AB's myself, but others might think different.

7 MM STW 26" Varmint taper barrel

140 grn Accubond
82 grn H-1000
3276 FPS
.75 MOA at 200 yard zero

140 grn Berger VLD
82 grn H-1000
3300 FPS
>.75 MOA at 200 yard zero

I used H-4836 SC and I need to experiment some on this. I also have used IMR 7828 with 150 and 168 SMK with good results.
Thanks guys all the help is working. Got the ole girl to shoot a less than .75in group @100yds with a load with 150gr Saracco and IMR 7828 75gr gonna keep working on it . Does Berger make a good hunting round? Once again you guys are the best !!!!!!!!gun):D
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