Off on another Black Bear hunt.

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
Okay, here I go again!

Another high speed trip to Alberta for a bear hunt. Spend the first night in Eau Claire, Wisc. and the second night near the Sask-Alberta boarder and than into bear camp noon the 3rd day (2,500 miles one way).

I'll drag along a 308 (M40A1 clone) and the 338RUM as well as my Compound Bow for a fun thing. If I'm done early I'll swing back through Ian's place if he's around (and not off on a bear hunt) and then high speed back to work in the Wash D.C. area.

Reports are that bears are out and that we may see some wolves and coyotes. Sleep in a wall tent and eat beef and pies. There may even bee some beer around for the celebrating events.
Dave I wish you the best of luck. I hope you have your gun paper work all in order to cross the border with. I just ran up and spent Saturday with Ian and did the gun/border crossing thing. I downloaded the forms off the internet and had them all ready in triplicate ready to go when I arrived at the border. It went smoothe as silk. No delays. Oh and by the way Ian is absolutely top drawer company. Had one of the most enjoyable days in the field I've ever had shooting. If'n you swing through northeast Montana give me a shout.
THE NASTY THINGS I COULD SAY! Only cause' I can't go!! Good luck Dave! better get lotts of pic's for us to see. How does the paper work work out, if your flyin? littletoes.
Okay, We made it back (most of the way).

I'm in Wisc. for a day and Gene just pulled out a hour ago heading for Tenn. Gene got two bears, both black and I got a nice >6ft black boar. We both saw bears other than the ones we bagged and I passed on several smaller bears hoping for a giant.

Gene's a great guy, good hunter and not easily flustered. His hunt started out a little slow but he did have the opportunity to take a few very scenic 4-wheeler rides while waiting for the bears to warm up to him.

We opted not to take any meat with us although we could have taken as much as we wanted. The trip was once again a highspeed endeavor with this (Alta to Wisc) leg taking 27 hours (4 hours of sleep included).

I'm sure Gene will write up a story about the hunt and post it as he was initially keeping a journal.

All-in-all we had a great time and Vern of Beaver Creek was a great fellow (I already knew that part).

I believe I'm addicted to hunting bears, I'm going to try a "spot and stalk" hunt next I'm thinking.

BTW: My bear was dispatched with a 175 MatchKing loaded in factory 308 Win. Federal Gold Medal Match ammo. Shot was double lung at a range of about 12 yards and the bear traveled 60 to 70 yards.
Dave welcome back tell me all about the alberta experience if you would

Glad you had a good hunt. That is a heck of a nice Boar. What do you think he weighted.

Grocery Man,
Mr Woperelli how the hell are you??
Dave is one fine shot and was willing to teach this rookie how to shoot long range. We had a great hunting trip and I will post more details as time allows. His bear was a really good one and followed a sow with 3 cubs to Dave's stand. The sow kept Dave treed for about an hour after he shot his boar. Each day was an adventure that began with shooting targets, then the 23 mile 4wheeler ride to our stands. Yes- that's 23 miles!!! one way!!! Bears were plentiful after the 3rd day of hunting. The 2 bears that I took were my first ever--- what a thrill! Vern at Beaver Creek knows his bears and his hunting area very well. More later--
Not bad Nubbs how are you? I only wish that bear season did not conflict with my money season. I think going to alberta with Dave would be a HOOT.I am going to do my best to go next time.See if we can get all of us to go.

how did I get grocerys I hit it in the head???????

We didn't weigh the bears but suspect the boar would weigh in the 225 to 250lb area. I have all three bears here in MD and will take them to the taxidermy shop this week, once they're cleaned up and squared I'll post the sizes (maybe).


I'm sure you'll find a way to get a round into the guts with a head shot, seems to have worked for you several times in the past on deer.
225-250 lbs is a real nice black bear. Please post pictures when you have a chance.

Grocery Man,
If you can give me enough advance notice to collect funds and vacation, you won't have to ask me twice to join you all

Matt (NUBBS)
I cant tell you what I am doing tomorrow but I can tell you that i am going to do my best to go in the spring.

How did I get grocerys??????
It was broadside and I hit it in the head.
Nice bear Dave! How did the 308 Match Kings do? Didn't see a pic on those bullets after. Did you recover them? And whats with the boxed ammo? Thought you reloaded? How about a closer pic of the rifle!! littletoes.
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