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  1. sambo

    sambo Member

    Aug 23, 2002
    the max. oal for the 40 gr. ballistic tip nosler in my savage 112fvss in 22-250 rem. is 2.522 inch. i tried to seat it .010 off the land, but when i seated it at 2.512 it was barely in, so my question is what do you do in a situation like this. do you keep seating it deeper until you feel that it has a grip?
    thanks sambo

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  2. milanuk

    milanuk Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2002
    The rule of thumb that I remember hearing when I was having similar problems w/ a .220 Swift w/ a longish throat was 1/2 caliber, or in the case of a .224 cal. gun, about half that, or 0.112 inch. Not much, but it should be enough to keep things together.

    Unless the gun is shooting horridly, I wouldn't worry about it. My .223 Rem bolt rifle shoots its best usually w/ the bullet seated back to magazine length, rather than near the rifling. Similarly, my .308 Win bolt rifle (recent production Remington 700VS) has 175gr SMKs (not a small/short bullet) jumping 155 thou to the rifling and will still shoot bug holes if I'm up to it. Seating the 175gr SMK (or a custom 185gr VLD that I have a few hundred left) out to the rifling really doesn't gain me much, if anything, noticeable on paper at any distance. So, again, if the gun shoots OK seated mag length, don't sweat it.


  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That is one reason why I don't use the 40 gr bullets.
    It doesn't necessarly mean that you have a long throat, it's just that the 40 gr are short. If you go to the 50 or 52gr it will work better.
    Also the 53 Barnes "x" will work even better for the seating.
    I usually have the bullets about have way into neck and I am still at 15 thous from the rifling, but this is with the 52 gr.