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  • Wildcat,

    Sorry for the late reply. I cannot realy complain to much about my hunt. The first three days of my hunt I was seeing six or seven 20-24 inch bucks every day. the biggest was a nice 24 inch 3X3. I debated hard about taking him but decided I would pass him up as it was still early in my hunt.
    After the third day into my hunt I had decided that I had better lower my expectation and take the 24" inch 3x3 buck the next time I seen him. I searched every where for that buck but could not locat him or another one that was bigger then a 16"inch 3x3. On the second to the last morning of my hunt I ended up pulling the trigger on a small meat buck.
    Thanks for all your help. Hopefully next time things will work out better for me.

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