Not LR but here is my BUCK


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Nov 18, 2003
DFW Texas
Shot was only 325yds. 280AI shooting GS Custom bullets. Looking over a wheatfield Wednesday evening. He came in...not chasing doe but interested in eating. One shot through the lungs and two steps later, he was down. Grossed 158"BC. Not sure what he will net but it should be on the 150's.


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Way to go redman! Tell us more about your 280 AI. I have a Remington 40x single shot in 280. Thinking about having it chambered in 280 AI. Is it worth it?

Nice buck Redman! I'd also like to hear more about your 280 AI. Have thought about building one for a while now.
Nice deer, nice camo too but I can still see your head!

What part of Texas were you hunting and how do you like the GS bullets??
My 280AI is for my Encore from VVGC. It has shot many groups in the .500s and several in the .400s and the best being .331" Average with me behind it is usually in the .600's 5 shot groups at 100yds.
Here are the pics:

Actually I will be selling all my Encore stuff in the next week or so to build the Bolt gun in 280AI.

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Congrats on a fine whitetail, from the pic I would guess the 150" range is pretty conservative. From that view I would guess mid 150's.

Great job on a fine buck, good shooting as well. The 280 AI is one of the most popular chambering in my shop for good reason. Will come very close to matching the much larger 7mm Rem Mag and shoots like crazy for group size.

Congrats again,

Kirby Allen(50)
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