No bears. Next stop, Marmota flaviventris.

4ked Horn

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Jun 13, 2007
Rock chuck, that is.

It turns out that I didn't get the draw I wanted for black bear so we are switching gears and going for a 500+ yd hit on a chuck and if everything goes well maybe a 1K.

We are in the middle of building Gonehuntingagains heavy duty shooting bench that will be our platform for most of these shots. I will be posting pictures of it when we are done.

I will thank Dave in Idaho in advance for being our host hunter for this endevor. He has a great eye for spotting critters where there seem to be none. He spotted me some deer at about 1000 yards from my moving vehicle once. Truly amazing for a short bald guy with glasses.

Spring seems to have arrived here in Idaho and I can almost hear the chucks chirping.

Good Luck to all of you this spring.

"Grip it, trip it and punch it!"
Went down to the Owyhee's last monday and shot a couple of chucks with my new 22-250AI, had to break her in right! The chucks are out, but the terrain is pretty mucky yet. Have fun on your hunt. I got an 1100 yard chuck out there last season with the 6-284.

Hi. I checked out your profile an I see that you are a tool maker. I was a machinist for a couple shops in north Idaho years ago.

I'm in Meridian now. Where are you at? Maybe we could get together some time and whack chucks. E mail me if you want at [email protected] . Please put something obvious in the subject line as I delete all unknown incoming mail.
E-mail has been sent. Now just need to go out and take care of the Rock Chuck revolution before it's to late.

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