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Feb 28, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
Lately Ive been buying Zeiss scopes ( GREAT scopes BTW) but on this 25-06AI that Ive been working up I wanted something different but didnt want to break the bank either...mainly because I was trying to get this thing put together as cheaply as I could.

I went with a Nikon 4.5 x 14 x 40 Side focus model...and bottom line is Im Impressed! VERY clear scope. After getting it sighted in today I did some ring arounds to see if it tracked..I think its called...and sure enough it came right back to home plate.

I bought it off of E-bay for less than 200 and Im glad I got it now!
Sully, You got a great deal and still have Nikon standing behind it!
If you ever decide on Custom Turret's they are available for your scope. I'm still planning on getting one for my .257 Wby Mag, I just can't get around to getting it done.
Thanks for the post and glad you are happy with your e-bay purchase.
I ran across this youtube vid and thought you might enjoy it.

[ame=]Long Range 22-250 Shots - YouTube[/ame]
I ran across this youtube vid and thought you might enjoy it.

It seems the tube is easier to leave a mark on that the higher priced Zeiss...

Video was great! I sure wished I lived in country where I had that sort of a place to shoot.......Id be dead broke from shooting all the time...:)
When I lived in Oregon we'd drive to the coast range and find a clear cut area to shoot. Lot's of great across canyon practice shots, Only bad part was you always had to walk the target's out there which usually took a fair amount of time. In the spring it was amamzing how many times we'd see black bear's coming out of the woods to see what was going on.....
Been in love with Nikons for some time now ever since i put this 6-18x Buckmasters on this XP 17 Fireball several years ago. It has accounted for some shots to ~500 yds. on dogs in some light winds. MD reticle cald. for 12x, MOA turret works well enough for this application--


IMO, the 2.5-8x EER scope is one of the best in the EER optic business as well--


This IS the best 2x handgun scope around--low profile tgt. turret. Advertised at 120 MOA turret travel this one has 160 as tested, and will get me to 500-600 on this little Ruger Mk III--

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