Nikon scopes


Mar 5, 2002
Does anyone have any experience with the Nikon tacticals?
I just got a Nikon Gold 2.5-10x50 with 30mm tube and side focus.The turrets have covers but the numbers and hash marks are legible from the shooting position with the covers off. The dial is easily resettable to zero.
Are the tacticals dependable?
Nikon's tacticals are too new for much to be known about dependability compared to the Leupold LR M1's, Burris Black Diamond and the Nightforce NXS for instance. They only started shipping about a month ago, and only the 2.5-10's are available.

I can tell you that they are bright, sharp and solidly built instruments that have performed beautifully over the year plus that I have been fortunate to test-shoot them. We have several thousand rounds through a pair of prototypes and they have not shown any problems, as a matter of fact one of them is on a .308 rifle that shot five Black Hills Ammo 175 gr. rounds into 0.430" today - temps were minus 12 degrees (C) with a 5-7 mph wind so the windchill was nasty.

We have had them on several hunts with complete saticefaction. I would expect that the new Tacticals will prove to be at least as reliable as the Monarchs, probably more-so given their heavier design.
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